Monday, November 18, 2013

Thrills to Kill

As one of my professors likes to put it, "November is the month of hell." Papers and exams have had me all bogged down. I used to know what the outside world was like, but at the moment, all I know is the confines of my desk. But it's cool! Winter break is just right around the corner (after finals of course... sigh)! Even with this month being super busy, I managed to style Nicole before our anatomy class and click a few pictures. So here is my best cat friend at her finest. 

Purple Plaid Button Up - Costco
Barcode Tank - Forever 21
Tights - Forever 21
Platform Shoes - Nordstrom Rack

Saturday, November 2, 2013

How to Style Greek Letters

With just about 50% of the school population being in a fraternity or sorority at the university I attend (including myself), there has always been a large majority of students sporting their Greek letters on a daily basis. Often printed or sewn plainly onto t-shirts, tank tops, & hoodies, this item can come off as plain piece. But you can do so much with it by just mixing and matching different items of your wardrobe to accentuate these letters. It definitely adds personal style and makes you stand out! Here are some of the ways that Nicole, Janette, and I played around with our fraternity's letters. 
I'm belong to the organization, Alpha Phi Omega, a fraternity with the main goal of providing service to the community. I have absolutely no regrets in joining APO at all! From this fraternity, I learned a lot about myself, got to help people, and made friendships that are unbreakable. It is definitely one of the highlights of my college experience. (Cough, cough, come to our rushes!)

5 Minutes Left of Class
Janette is apart of two organizations! Being a member of Delta Nu Tau, a professional dental fraternity, and Alpha Phi, a social sorority, she definitely bursting with school spirit. Constantly running to and from classes, studying, and being active in these organizations, Janette always manages to style her letters to perfection.

On Her A Game
Nicole is in the same professional dental fraternity as Janette (brothers for life, word). And because she is so awesome, she styled two sets of her letters in different outfits! The first outfit is definitely gives an ode to street style while the second shouts out "proper lady". You go Glen Coco. 

But in all honesty, my favorite way 
to wear letters is the
janky way.

[insert picture of APO Sweatshirt + Sweats]