Saturday, September 21, 2013

The Exhaustion of a Blonde Rebellion

This week has been full of exhaustion from start to finish. I just wanted to wrap myself up into the covers of my bed and not face midterms this week at all. Instead I begrudgingly I put on my big girl pants and got down to business. Loads of flashcards and readings later, I finally finished this hellish week. I, of course, had the support of eating out with my friend, Joseph, at Chipotle, Panda Express, etc. Stocking up on these comfort foods managed to suppress the stress of the test. There is no explanation needed to express how a good burrito can get you through tedious workload.

To reward myself for my job well done, I did something drastic.

[drum roll please]

I dyed my hair blonde. 
With the help of one bucket of bleaching powder, mixing solution, a burning head, a single Friday afternoon, & my old roommate, Gabby, I am now officially enlisted in the Blonde Rebellion. I was getting really tired of having unintentional ombre locks and my same old brunette color after 5 -6 years. I figured this was the time in my life to experiment with whatever I'm into right now (ugly or not). And right now, these golden strands are in.

Maroon Bow - Forever 21
Black Lace Tank Top Dress - Angl
Black Bandeau - Brandy Melville
Teal Lace Ups - Crossroads
Stone Pendant - Crossroads
Lipstick - Wet n Wild in 508A
Finger Up to the Sky.

Finger Up in the Nose.

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