Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Music Playlist: January 29, 2013

In all honesty, slow, melancholic music is my absolute favorite. While some others favor heavy beats and lighthearted dance tracks that shake up the soul, I prefer the wallowing pain of lying in my bed for 3 hours straight while listening to songs about heartbreak. It's a little bit sick, I have to admit. Even if I'm not feeling like the world is ending, I'll listen to these songs anyway. Cue the scene where I dramatically look outside a rain soaked window, shedding a single tear.

1. IU - I Don't Like Her
2. The Strokes - I'll Try Anything Once
3. A Fine Frenzy - Near to You
4. Beware of Darkness - All Who Remain
5. Jared Evan - Charlie Brown
6. Birdy - Skinny Love
7. Sistar- Crying