Sunday, February 9, 2014

From Yours Truly, XOXO

Purple Floral Kimono Shawl - Forever 21
Black Bralette - Walmart
Black Lacy Tank - ANGL
Black Shorts - Fashion Young
Thigh High Socks - American Apparel
Creepers - Charlotte Russe
Pearls - Vintage

Lovers' hands embracing each others, secret glances at dinner, bubbly champagne, opening of tiny jewelry boxes, and parting kisses exchanged in front of taxi cars... you guessed it. Valentine's Day is right around the corner. This is seriously the only holiday where people either rejoice in their found love, obsessively internet stalk their crushes, or drown their loneliness in bottles of cheap vodka.

I'm totally kidding. People do those things on a daily basis anyway.

 This holiday just puts it under a microscope with the constant throw up of pink and red in every store you walk into. I don't mind it at all. Reason why? 50% off V-Day chocolate on Feb. 15. Now that's true love.

To be honest, I never believed that love had to be a grand announcement with a huge expensive dinner or being greeted with roses at my front door. Instead, it's the 3 AM Mcdonald's delivery from an uber janky boy in sweats while I waltz to the front door in my pajamas. It's pretending to shove someone out of an "incoming car" to save their life. It's the super dumb inside jokes about overused memes that you keep on overusing anyway. Or maybe I'm just a cheap date? (insert the har har har)

Anyways, in the spirit of Valentine's day, I threw on my cupid's best and snapped a few photos at the beach while on a girl date with home girl, Helena. And of course being the best date ever, I treated her and myself to gelato. You have to try milk chocolate hazelnut. Dear lord... it's so tasty. Here's to me finding my true love at last. I'm sure gelato and I will make a great couple. :)

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