Saturday, October 19, 2013

Music Playlist: October 19, 2013

My taste in music has never been just limited to soft ballads or melodic sounds. Although it is small, I have a bit of a thing for some rock, hip hop, and rap as well. Let's just say that the days of stumbling on random artists on music had a major influence on the type of music that I am drawn towards today. 

Although I do prefer listening to calm and soft music when I'm doing work, I get bored at times. That is where this playlist comes into play. It it definitely more upbeat and has a faster pace mixed with more slowed down smooth raps, which compliment each other perfectly. It is definitely something I let my mind melt with and bob my head to. 

1. Eminem - Guilty Conscience Ft. Dr. Dre
2. 50 Cent - Ready for War
3. The Notorious B.I.G. - Juicy
4. The Pretty Reckless - Since You're Gone
5. The Pretty Reckless - Blonde Rebellion
6. The Millionaires - My Chick Bad
7. Tyga - Heisman Part 2 Ft. Honey Cocaine
8. MIMS - Move (If You Wanna)
9. New Boyz - FM$ (Freak My Shit)
10. The Millionaires - Fuck Me Eyes

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