Sunday, October 6, 2013

Lace + Grace

Grace just got her new camera and was dying to try out out. When she approached me to be a test subject, I was totally down. Being the classy lady she is, she invited me to an art show with free wine & food (high five to that), and we ended up taking pictures in the art gallery at school. 

I pretty much suck when it comes to modeling. All the posing, angles, and facial expressions; I don't understand at all. It's more like "derping around" until we get a decent shot for the day. I honestly prefer to take photos (mainly cause I feel in control of what's going on~). But with Grace's artistic eye and her camera skills, she outstandingly snapped a few photos of my awkward self. 

The outfit itself is relatively simple. I just paired my lacy black shawl with the same tank I always seem to be wearing these days & slapped on my kid-sized construction worker boots in an attempt to downplay the gothic lolita feeling of this outfit. Then I threw up some silver jewelry and left the rest of the work to Grace. 

*Oh, please don't mind the crappy photo editing of the borders. I was just bored & experimenting. 

Black Shawl - Superior Thrift Store
Black Tank Top Dress - ANGL
Boots - Kohl's
Heart Locket - Unknown
Magnifying Glass Necklace - Mervyn's
Red Purse - Superior Thrift Store

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