Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Beauty Queen of Only 18

Flowers blooming, bees buzzing, and finals right around the corner; let me welcome you to the spring semester of my freshman year. During that time, Nicole and I were bored out of our minds studying for midterms and trying to cram everything into our brains. All of the things that we were learning started to sound like "blah, blah, blah, blah". And like usual, I came into Nicole's room to bother her as she clicked away at her Tumblr. I had this grand announcement of a contest that I wanted us to enter where the grand prize was an Ipad. She was like, "Ipad!?" and I nodded a satisfied "yes!!!" We were totally in. 

The contest was for an up and coming online clothing store. The only rules for the contest were to take a photo of yourself with a product from their store or to dress fashionable with the store in mind. And of course, harass your dorm building mates to vote for you.  I thought to myself, "How hard could that be?" 

So with a borrowed camera and with amateur camera-woman/stylist skills, we crammed a photo shoot on our campus within a span of 3 hours. Not too shabby for beginners at all! 

The next step was pleading and begging for votes, which we did for a month straight. Constantly parading around each dorm that we had access too and asking (forcing) our fellow freshman to vote for us.

So you're probably wondering if we won or not. We didn't. BUT my excuse is that we had finals to study for and got super lazy about asking for votes. But nonetheless, here are the leftovers from the days that we were 18 years old. 

Making Hips Stir Since 2010
I basically took my inner hipster and threw it up on Nicole. That poor girl. But here were the results of what I would like to call "not appropriate for school or work"; complete with the hipster trademark at the time, the beanie, while paired with upcoming trend of corsets.

Child's Play
I aimed for something a little more whimsical with this outfit. I wanted a touch of childhood with an Alice in Wonderland feel and a dash of a modern touch. Thinking about it now, it would be a perfect outfit for a music festival or a carnival! 

Sasha Not-So-Fierce
I believe this is when I started to experiment more with more "hardcore" & "edgy" pieces. Me? Hardcore? Ha! The pleather jacket definitely toughens up the look, along with Nicole's expressions of "take me seriously."With the tank top and heels, the outfit still remains girly and feminine. 

The Starlet
This has to be my absolutely favorite look. The lighting was awesome. The poses were awesome. The entire composition, I feel like, really draws you in. And of course, the awkwardness of taking these photos were awesome as well.

For you guys that attend the same university as Nicole and I, you may recognize the location to be the bathroom of the cafeteria. I have no shame in picking this place, seeing that it is the most beautiful bathroom in the entire campus. I have no doubts that the mood lighting, clean stalls, fancy sinks are all apart of the university's scheme to lure naive potential students and parents alike to pay thousands of dollars for an education here. 

I hope that you guys enjoyed this throwback into our past of when we thought we were so cool for being the dynamic duo that strutted around campus, lugging around accessories and clothes with a huge camera; cause nothing says "cool freshman" like two science majors running around like we worked for Vogue.

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