Saturday, August 31, 2013

1st Week of School

And where it starts again...
My last semester as a undergraduate student, 
and (hopefully) on my way to obtaining a doctorate of pharmacy.

So here is to studying hard, getting good grades, working out, learning how to break dance, seeing old friends & meeting new ones, and to future grand adventures. 

This will seriously be the only week of the school year in which the library is dead empty. I'll try to enjoy it while it lasts.

All the necessary gadgets & things to keep this year.

The month doesn't look too painful... for now anyways. 

Taking my study break as Beeta slaves away over her 20 emails from pharmacy school. 

Look at how concentrated she is!

My best friend and worst enemy wrapped up in floral.

Sketchy City. Cute School.

Posters for Katrina's white coat ceremony. Mine is the Heisenberg-looking one & Nicole's is the comic book inspired piece. Both are still works-in-progress till next weekend!

5 minute fish taco. My comfort food of the month.

Surviving school for 5 days calls for a sushi buffet celebration with Beeta and Joseph.

I "mustache" you to quench your thirst.

I'm a senior already!?

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