Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Queen H Takes Me Out to Play

Play dates with Helena (Queen H.) are the best. 
(1) There is always food involved no matter what we do.
(2) She forces me to dress up.
(3) She's so sassy sometimes, I can't even keep up.
First stop: Old Vine Cafe
Due to Helena's request and her intense research on Yelp reviews, we ended up at Old Vine Cafe, located in hidden hipster block of Costa Mesa. Holy kitten, it was hipster. I'm not even exaggerating. Every store and restaurant barfed of vegan this, green that, and of "wholesome hole in the wall" vibes. Not that I'm complaining. I would gladly put on my skinny jeans, crop top, & mean girl shades to sip iced peach tea while writing poetry, short stories, and contemplating my journey in life (or you know, just going on tumblr).

All of that aside, this is this the place to eat. 

Helena and I ordered biscuits and gravy, and oh boy, the portions were huge. We were expecting Denny's-sized portions of a tiny biscuit with loads of gravy (making it look big), but we were definitely wrong. The biscuit was the size of two of my fists and the best part, it was freaking delicious. Although it was slathered in gravy, the biscuit still remained fresh and crunchy as ever, something I appreciated like a new bottle of conditioner after using a watered-down leftovers for 2 weeks. 

Something that was even more awesome that I never saw before except on television; the chef actually came outside of the kitchen to greet customers and ask how the dining experience was. That was the divine cherry on top of customer lovin'.

Derp Derp Derp.

 Dog being Queen.

Dog being dog.
Second Stop: Shopping
I was on mission "do-not-make-my-wallet-go-empty", and it was a success! I needed sunglasses badly and got relatively cheap ones at Forever 21. To be honest, all I was really looking for was sunglasses that fit my small head and looked relatively decent for my face shape. I made it out alive of the two story store with these two pairs; finally got my Mean Girl Shades.

And after raving to Helena about the Brandy Melville Bralette, I practically forced her to try it on for herself. Like I already knew would happen, she instantly fell in love with it and purchased it. 

Third Stop: Dave & Buster's
Exhausted from our finds, the both of us retreated to Dave & Buster's for happy hour (since both of us are finally 21! Sorry Helena for taking so long!) and good eats from the kid's menu. Who needs full portions in the first place? After walking around all day long, it felt like I was at an oasis of awkward first dates and teens taking over the air hockey table.
This is the part where my healthy eating habits took a small dive.

Oh, and this too.
And last but not least, our cute girl outfits for the day

Being super nasty, dirty, & gross after tackling the good life.

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