Sunday, September 29, 2013

Marina x Algernon

Marina O. I met her through Alpha Phi Omega unexpectedly. In fact, my first memory of her was sitting next to her on our first pledge meeting while she smiled & giggled at everyone in the room. While I was awkwardly silent and frigid as an ice block. Next you know, she became my roommate and one of my closest friends. We do such stupid things together; from making fun of her large cat, Blackie, to screaming songs from musicals in the kitchen. There has definitely not been a dull moment.

With Marina being a Math x Economics Major, she often leaves the apartment in professional dress to attend meetings, mixers, and work. I figured that this would be a solid outfit to dress her with that shows slight professionalism with a twist of a girly vibe & academia. To keep it more professional, just throw on a tank top underneath the sheer blouse and tie it all together with a fitted blazer, and you're good to go!

Blue Sheer Bow Blouse x Beige Skirt xBrown Belt - Forever 21
Black Kitten Heels - Love D
Bralette - Brandy Melville
Pearl Earrings - Vintage

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