Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Forever 21 Haul

So in the spirit of free shipping and item lust, I ordered online from Forever 21. I'm not going to lie. A good amount of pieces that I own come from this retailer. Some of the clothes that the company tosses out there has the durability of toilet paper in water. But when I come along the diamonds in the rough, it makes all the much better.

As of recently, I've been more into graphic prints, and this was a perfect it. It was settle enough to wear on a daily basis, but also had a lot of character as well. I'll probably pair this with muscle tanks, circle skirts, or form-fitting skirts.

My obsession behind this graphic tank really just has to do with 2NE1, a south Korean girl group. I saw similar clothing by Jeremy Scott on these girls, and I was immediately in love. I've been dying to get something like it, so when I saw this tank, it HAD to be mine.

You can't go wrong with these boots. I know they look out there, but I feel like it adds a nice highlight to a more plain outfit. Also the sheen of these boots give a tougher look to any outfit. My friend, Katrina, said they look like "cockroach stompers". And thanks to her, that is the officially for these combat boots.

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